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Professor of Nanjing University, Chang Jiang Scholarship Professor, group leader, director of Center for Superconducting Physics and Materials of Nanjing university. Published more than 340 scientific papers in internationally recognized journals, received over 7000 citations, h-index 46. Gave about 100 speeches or invited talks at international conferences.

Working field: Exploration of new superconducting materials, investigation on non-Fermi liquid behavior, unconventional pairing mechanism of cuprates and iron pnictide superconductors, vortex dynamics, mixed state properties, critical fluctuation,etc.

Education and working background

1. Sept.1981 — July 1985. Received the BS and the outstanding graduation award (1/100 probability) from Department of Physics, Anhui University;

2. Sept. 1985 — March 1988 Obtained the MS from the Chinese Academy of Sciences;

3. March 1988 — March 1991 Obtained the Ph.D. ( Philosophiae Doctor Condensed Matter Physics ) from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

4. Oct. 1991 — Oct.1993, Post-Doctor in Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

5. Nov. 1993 — Aug. 1995, Assistant professor in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

6. Aug. 1995 — Aug. 1996, Associate professor in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

7. Aug. 1996 – Dec.2010, Full Professorship Research Fellow in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

8. Oct. 1996 — April 1998, Alexander von Humboldt fellow in Ulm university, Germany.

9. Oct. 2000—Sept. 2009, Director of The National Lab for Superconductivity, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

10. Oct.10, 2003—Dec.16 2003, Physics Department, University of Tennessee, Visiting Scholar.

11. Jan. 2011—present, Professor of Nanjing University

Awards received

1. Won the Outstanding Chinese Young Scholar’s prize by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1995 (2nd grade).

2. Received Outstanding Chinese Young Scholar’s foundation by Natural Science Foundation in China ( NSFC ) in 1998.

3. Received the 10-outstanding-youth award from Chinese Academy of Science in 2002.

4. Received the National young scholar’s Science and Technology award in 2000.

5. Received the 2003 Beijing City Award for Science and Technology (second grade, order No#1)

6. 2004, National Award for Natural Science (second grade)

7. 2009, Award of Hong Kong Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation

8. 2010, Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T. Poe Prize)

9. 2012, Chang Jiang Scholarship professor

10. 2013, APS fellow

11. 2013, National Award for Natural Science (first grade, order No# 4)


● Since June 4, 2011, Director of Center for Superconducting Physics and Materials of Nanjing University

● Since Jan. 2011, Professor of Nanjing University, Group leader, Tutor for Ph.D students;

● Chairman of the National project for Superconductivity Research (materials and fundamental mechanism) (2006-2010); Project expanded and renewed in 2011-2015.

● Chairman of the project “International Team on Superconductivity and Novel Electronic Materials” (2006-2010) of Chinese Academy of Sciences;.

● Editorial member of Physica C (Holland), Phylosophical Magzine (UK), Chinese Physics Letters, Science in China G and Physics ( in Chinese ).

Coordinator of Canada Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) in the Far East region